LocalCoinBazar.com Trade fees

For transactions concluded through the LocalCoinBazar.com service, LocalCoinBazar.com charges a 0 (0.5) % fee for the maker (the person who placed the offer listing) and 0 (0.5) % fee for the taker (the person responding to the offer). The fee is charged in that particular CryptoCurrencies.

This term is incorporated in all contracts between buyers and sellers arranged through LocalCoinBazar.com. The term is incorporated into the Contract and is unable to be changed.

LocalCoinBazar.com Exchange fees

LocalCoinBazar.com don’t fix currency rates and never have because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, where the rate of any currency can fluctuate every minute. This is why the final rate may be slightly higher or lower than expected at the end of a transaction.

Keeping the rates fixed would require us to cover market risks and currency volatility, which as a result would make our commission fee much higher. Instead, LocalCoinBazar.com charges a quite low commission fee 1% and offers the best available rate at the moment the transaction is completed.