Affiliate affiliate program

Spread the CryptoCurrency revolution and make money in the process! You can earn CryptoCurrency by referring other users to

 You can enable the affiliate program after you register or log in.

Affiliate program terms

  • You can link to any individual page, such as country listing or payment method listing, or anything else on
  • You will earn CryptoCurrency Coin from the users who 1) arrive to the site through your affiliate link 2) register 3) verify documents  and 4) make trades.
  • A visitor will be considered as your affiliate only one time.
  • Payouts will be paid to your wallet as LocalCoinBazar Coin (LCB).
  • Any foul play, such as misleading advertising, is forbidden.
  • Spamming is forbidden. Spamming includes sending unsubscribed private or public messages on forums/reddit, unsubscribed mass-mail, etc.
  • Adding hidden iframes on a website in order to capture affiliates is forbidden. Only affiliate iframes or direct links to the webpage are allowed.
  • has the right to disable any affiliate user at any given time. If you breach the terms, your affiliate program will be terminated.

Bonus example

You get any users, buyer or seller of the CryptoCurrency registered on, and they do verify documents and does one trade (Buy or Sell). You earn 50 LocalCoinBazar Coin (LCB) commission on the after successful trade finish. Support is more than willing to help you with any questions.

Become our partner is seeking partners who want to see the CryptoCurrency economy growing.

Do you want to see CryptoCurrency grow? is looking for partners, affiliates and investors who are willing to take CryptoCurrency to a new level. It does not matter how small or big your business is, where you are based